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what clients say 

I started working with Nichola because I valued her nutritional coaching and expertise. I was struggling with feelings of bloating and metabolism, both   plateaued for the last year.

Being a therapist and coach myself, I wanted to get some help and advice to improve my gut health. As a 49 year old I know that these were symptoms of menopause too. It was an absolutely pleasure chatting to her. She was very knowledgeable about gut health and suggested various things I start doing to that I can increase the good bacteria in my stomach.

I was already practicing daily meditation, yoga and walks/jogs. But I found that I was not disciplined when it came to having breakfast or even lunch.

Skipping meals was the reason for the slow metabolism I had.


Nichola advised me to have snacks before and after my exercise. This was so helpful. I found myself less tired. She also introduced me to better probiotics to increase the good bacteria in my tummy. This has helped tremendously.


I feel great and I would 100% recommend chatting to Nichola if you would like to improve your gut health and feel good about yourself.

Nirasha Ramlugan

I feel very blessed to have met Nichola. I've been working with her to improve my health for a few months now and I find her nutrition advice to be tailored to me, clear, nonjudgemental and realistic. Nichola is undoubtably an expert and is warm and kind too. From our first session I have felt at ease and in safe hands. I would recommend Nichola to anyone wanting to feel more in control of how they feel and how they fuel their body. 

Claire Fryer

I have been seeing Nichola for about 3 months now after struggling with low iron and anaemia for a few years. I wanted to find a more natural way to get my energy levels back and feel more emotionally balanced throughout the month.

I’d often feel knackered still after 8 hours sleep, have mood swings and was at times less able to cope with the demands of family life, this was all linked to my very low iron levels which were caused by heavy periods.

After 2 months of manageable and enjoyable changes to my diet and the use of natural supplements, all under Nicholas guidance, I’ve literally turned a corner; my energy is back to pre kids level, my periods have normalised and I feel much more emotionally balanced through the month.

I can’t recommend trying Nichola's services enough, it’s really worked for me and I hope other people will take the step and give it a go. Thanks Nichola!!

Cathryn Kinsella 

Nichola spent a long time listening to me on my first wellness session and going through my food diary.  It didn’t feel like we were on a time schedule and she was very understanding and completely non-judgemental when discussing some of my ‘not so heathy’ food choices!  Nichola sent me a lot of follow up information really quickly which made me feel like my health and wellbeing was important to her and who doesn’t want to be made to feel special.

Rachel Pugh

Firstly I would like to say a massive, massive THANK YOU for all you have done for me.

I have changed my outlook around food and life, for the better, and this is all down to you! I still remember the day I had a panic attack with the thought of making 'Love Bread', I was so close to giving up.

I have type 2 diabetes and thought I may never come off my medication. But you were there to guide me through and give me the confidence I needed. I will always remember that moment.

You have given me belief that I can do it and


Dinesh Patel 

As a Triathlon coach I am very interested in athletes trying to be as healthy as possible in general, and in order to get the most from their sport. 

When I met Nichola I realised we shared the view that although athletes are willing to ‘put in the hard work’ they often don’t pay enough attention to what is happening on the inside.

Nichola is a joy to collaborate with – we regularly discuss old and new views on ‘being healthy’ with regard to exercise and nutrition and she is so willing to share her knowledge and experience in a way that makes you feel enthused and motivated to try out new things and just aim for the ‘better you’. 

There is never any judgement and the support is boundless so I am always happy to refer athletes to her for help in improving their general health and their ‘sporting health’ knowing there are no fad diets, or any ‘diets’ involved, just positive healthy and supportive eating.

On a personal level I have been working with Nichola to make small adjustments to my diet to try to maximise my ability as an older athlete who is still competing at GB Age Group level. 

The changes we have made have been easy to implement,  and have left me feeling energised and less fatigued during, and after, my training so my recovery is improved and my injury risk is reduced – two key things for success in Triathlon.

Nichola’s energy and enthusiasm when working with you is infectious – you come away feeling positive about yourself and what you can do, whether it be large or small changes.

She is there for you completely, always with a smile and laughter -  it is such a pleasure to work with her.

 Sandra Barden

British Triathlon L3 Coach & Coach Tutor

GB Age-Group Athlete

I started working with Nichola in order to try and lose weight. But more importantly to reverse my

type 2 diabetes. 

I feel I received a lot of physical, emotional & mental support which helped me get through such a difficult time in my life.  

Whilst on the course I lost my Mum and if I wasn’t being supported by Nichola, my eating habits would have suffered. It was really important to follow her guidance if I wanted to get fit & healthy again.  

I was given really good recipes to help me heal from the inside out. They tasted great and were easy to prepare.  

I loved that we cooked together and it made me feel confident to do it at home myself. 

I managed to reverse my diabetes and come off my medication which I had been taking for 10 years!

I now feel fitter and stronger than I ever have.

And I have the tools to keep myself healthy for life!

I would like to thank Nichola at Nourish Life London for working with me to help me turn my life around.

Snita Sharma

My overall goal was to re-examine my lifestyle habits and focus on food and exercise.

I wanted to “shake up” my menu choices and change unsupportive, old habits.

I feel that the sessions were a real success in terms of understanding nutrition better. 

I was given the freedom to experimented with new ideas and add exciting ingredients to my day to day eating habits.

I was suffering with work 'overload'. Nichola helped me to incorporate easy to understand meditation techniques which helped to relieve my anxiety. 

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting with Nichola, whom I found encouraging and easy to talk to.

She made many great suggestions which I was happy to implement. Most importantly I was able to maintain.

Tracy Coghill

Nichola is an amazing person!  She is able, with apparent ease, to produce a never ending variety of food that not only looks incredible and tastes wonderful, but is also very healthy and nutritious! 

Thanks to Nichola, there are a number of dishes that I learned to make, which continue to impress and delight my friends.  She’s a very caring and conscientious person whose aim is not only to help you feel and become healthier but you’ll have lots of fun achieving your goals!!

Maggie Tyler 

Nichola is amazing to work with. I went to see her initially at the start of a stressful period in my life. Her tests showed by body was too acidic and I had pre-diabetic blood sugar levels.

Over the course of a year to 18 months she has educated me, guided me, championed me and listened to me.


As a result I’ve reversed both negative conditions and now feel healthy, strong and happy all the time.

She knows so much about how our bodies respond to food and nutrients and her solutions are real, everyday things that are sustainable.


Huge recommendation from me!

Emma Rundle 

I worked with Nichola at the very difficult point in my life. I was struggling mentally and physically, but Nichola's caring and supporive approach was exactly what I needed. She is very knowledgeable and experienced. Her methods and plans are easy to follow and adapt. I recommend Nichola to anyone who wants to improve their physical and mental health.

Hulya Gunay

Nichola has a huge amount of technical knowledge when it comes to health and wellbeing but what makes it really good is that she tailored it to my needs and tastes.

Changing habits is not easy but she helped me plan, create food options that I enjoyed and explained the science behind it which motivated me even more.

I feel healthier and happier knowing that she is behind me all the way.

Jen Clark

Nichola has a profound capacity to be supportive, non-judgemental and encouraging in a manner that is rare to find. Her knowledge and passion for all things nutritional as well as her conscientiousness make for a well-being coach I would recommend without reservation to anyone wanting to get support and know how about their physical selves. An added bonus of course is that Nichola is a lovely inspirational woman!

Ali Gordon-Creed

There is no doubt Nichola cooks with her heart and a big one it is! 

I stuffed myself so much -  every mouthful was a treat - nutritious, moorish and irresistible mix of wonderful fresh ingredients bursting with goodness and flavour.

I lost a couple of kilos and feel so nourished, much less bloated and bouncing with joire de vivre! 

Nichola, I am so so missing your meals 

With gratitude 

Jennie  Roberts

Working with Nichola on my health and nutrition was an extremely positive experience.

She is very passionate about the education of a healthy lifestyle and gave me a solid structure to follow with regards to nutrition.


I highly reccommend her services to anyone who wants to make changes to their lifestyle. 

Dan Shepherd 

I wish I had met Nichola years ago then I wouldn't have wasted most of my adult life following unattainable goals set by various diet brands. There is no good or bad food, merely supportive and unsupportive. My eating habits are no longer about denial and I have learnt to nourish my body rather than punish it. Nichola has set me achievable goals and instilled new habits in me that have made me stronger, healthier and which have definitely improved my gut health. 

Ceri Spain 

I was introduced to Nichola through a mutual friend and it was a chance intro that has changed my "new" life from a life of continual pain into a far more manageable life purely through tweaking my diet regime.

After some horrible surgery things weren't moving as I wanted and when they did there was horrible pain involved which could take hours, sometimes days to get better and I was really starting to struggle with day to day life trying to manage the pain.

I was 60 when I had a serious illness and wasn't used to pain having enjoyed good health until that time. 
When I first talked to Nichola she listened to me and  I really felt the empathy from her and I think she understood i was really not happy with my lot and was willing to try something new.
Week 1 on my new regime was just fantastic as I felt so well and my pain was reduced almost immediately and after a few months now I feel great and everything is "moving" in the right direction!

Of course there are some bad days but thanks to Nichola's advice I am able to live really quite normally now and best of all in no where near as much pain. 
I would recommend Nichola to anyone as she's very  knowledgeable of nourishment etc and very easy to talk to and understanding of individuals needs ....marks out 10? 11!! Recommended. 
Chris Marchand 

I turned to Nichola for help when my frequent tiredness turned into a fatigue that was preventing me from enjoying quality time with my husband and kids and sapping my confidence to grow my business. She recommended some substantial changes to my diet, backed by information on how each change could help me and supported by some easy and tasty meal ideas. The difference has been remarkable. I now wake up ready for the day and have energy to enjoy time with my family. I have a new focus and clarity that has enabled me to take up new business opportunities and I also feel less worried about all those everyday problems. I feel lighter and happier and those close to me can see the difference! I would highly recommend Nichola to anyone who is feeling tired and overwhelmed and is looking for a change. I only wish I had met her 20 years ago!

Alison O'Dea

My top 3 goals upon starting my health and wellness journey were to change my eating habits, lose weight and increase my energy levels. Nichola inspired me to experiment with food, introduce different fruits, vegetables, spices

and natural fats that I was not used to eating with any frequency. I discovered just how much I enjoy cooking and that I'm actually quite good at it!

Nichola gave me an understanding of the negative aspects of certain staples in my diet and how they were affecting my ability to absorb a lot of the good stuff. I also learned what was contributing to my increased weight and constant feeling of being bloated.

But most importantly, how the negative choices were zapping my energy.  Nichola was always encouraging and never made me feel guilty about eating anything I like, or crave from time to time.

My most significant change is that

I have a new respect for food and what I choose to put into my body.  It has definitely changed my view of certain foods.

My taste buds have even changed so I can really tell the difference now between freshly made and processed food. I can't really stomach the latter any more.

An inadvertent and welcome consequence which I hadn't anticipated or even discussed with Nichola when I started working with her was by changing my eating habits, I have reduced the frequency and intensity of my migraines.

My reduced dependency on drugs to manage my condition has been the most satisfying and unexpected consequence of changing my relationship with food.

I would describe Nichola as

passionate, inspiring, encouraging,

non-judgmental, positive, warm, flexible and a shining example of the overall benefits of the way of life she promotes. She definitely practices what she preaches!

I would recommend her to 

anyone looking to make a positive change to their health, well-being, weight and lifestyle. 

Rachel Reeves

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