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What's your game changer to a healthy happy life?

about me

After working with clients for a couple of years in my health and wellness business, I realised the work was having a very powerful mirror affect on me. 

I was asking clients to look within themselves, to think about their goals and what they might like to achieve in order to follow their best life.


As a coach it was only a matter of time before I began to 'look' inside myself and find my passion for reaching the 'highest of highs' in my life. 


My goal was to take on the challenge of training my mind and body to qualify for the GBR age group team in sprint triathlon. 

I was curious to see what I could achieve, how far I could push myself and where my boundaries might be during my mid-forties.​

One of the key things that comes with trying to reach any lifetime goal is to focus on the consistency of personal daily habits. 

I hired an amazing triathlon coach and began the rigorous training required to be competitive as an age group triathlete.

It goes without saying that my focus was to concentrate on my diet to get the right support and strength required to fulfill a packed weekly training and racing schedule. 

The combination of supportive eating, consistent exercise and emotional well-being helped me achieve the success of qualifying for the European and World championships in 2019.


Since then I have continued my athletic journey and have represented the GBR age group team over the last 4 years in the following championships...

sprint triathlon individual - Worlds and Euros 

sprint triathlon mixed relay team - Worlds 

sprint duathlon - Euros

sprint aquathlon - Euros

What I have learned through this experience is that if you truly commit to your goals, whatever they might be, if you take 'time out' to focus on positive change and consistency, you will bear success, no matter who or how old you are.

My triathlon journey feeds into my overall health and wellness journey and is a marker of my personal growth and development.


It allows me to be the healthiest, happiest and most alive I can ever imagine to be!

You can follow my

GBR triathlon and health & wellness journey

on instagram @


Be you...
your fantastic self! 

Don't be
afraid to follow
your dreams

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