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What's your game changer to a healthy happy life?

about me

After working with clients for a couple of years in my health and wellness business, I realised the work was having a very powerful and mirror effect on me. 

One of the key things that comes with trying to reach any lifetime goal is to focus on changing daily habits.

When this is achieved consistently, adaptions are able to take place in the body. It’s these adaptions that create strength, new pathways and opportunity.

I was curious to see what I could achieve, how far I could push myself and where my boundaries might be in my mid-forties.​

My goal was to try and qualify in my age group for the GB squad in sprint triathlon. 

I hired a coach and began the rigorous training required to try and be competitive.

It goes without saying that my focus was to concentrate on my diet and lifestyle.

I had to make the adjustments necessary that best supported me, my training and race schedule.

A few years ago, I would have considered this a selfish act… but taking time out to do the things that are meaningful to me, make me a better person to be around and are vital for my health both physical and mental.

 After a year of making lots of personal adjustments, I was rewarded with two team GB 2020 places, I had qualified for the European and World championships. Due to Covid-19 these places have been transferred to 2021 races.

My journey so far has taken a lot of discipline, strength of mind and commitment. It can be challenging at times, but it helps me focus on the positive features of my life and the achievements are so rewarding.

What I have learned through this process is that if you truly commit to your goals, whatever they might be, if you take 'time out' to focus on positive change and consistency, you will bear success, no matter who or how old you are.

I have had so much fun finding out what the body and mind can do. I have experienced the highest of high’s through racing and competing but there are the inevitable low points too when suffering with niggles and injuries, it just comes with the territory and the nature of pushing through your limits and beliefs. 

And that’s what makes this journey so interesting… nothing in life is perfect, putting yourself in uncomfortable situations is not easy, learning to pick yourself up after injury, a lousy training session or unsuccessful race helps me conquer my fears, builds resilience and renewed confidence.

This is a journey of personal growth and development that allows me to be the healthiest, happiest and most alive I can be. 


I look forward to a bright future enjoying the things I love with the people I respect and cherish.

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GB triathlon and health & wellness journey

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